Love Island spoilers: New girls cause a big shake up in the villa

The arrival of two new girls to the Love Island 2018 villa stirs things up in tonight’s episode.


Georgia Steel and Rosie Williams joined the villa in last night’s show before being sent on dates with Alex and Niall by viewers.

This evening, the original girls quiz the rest of the guys on the newbies.

Hayley is first to question Eyal, claiming the moment the boys first met Georgia and Rosie, Hayley told him: “You said, ‘my options are open.’”

But Jack defends his pal, “No he didn’t say that, he said ‘I’ve been friend-zoned’ and I went, ‘yeah me too.’”

“That’s what we hand-shaked about because all you’ve wanted to tell us is that we’re friends,” Eyal says to Hayley.

The new girls are the talk of the villa with Dani and Jack and Eyal and Hayley questioning their couplings.
The new girls are the talk of the villa with Dani and Jack and Eyal and Hayley questioning their couplings.

Jack explains to Dani why he feels friend-zoned: “Even though you said to me what you said, you aren’t stupid you know that I was bothered by it.”


“Yeah but I had a conversation with you and you said ‘Yeah I feel the same,’” Dani replies, confused.

“I was just trying to make myself feel better,” Jack admits.

Dani tells him: “I’d rather you be honest with me, all I want is honesty… We’re in a couple to be here for each other and if you feel down, go ‘Dan, I was gutted, I was upset’ rather than you now say it to me.”

Jack tells her: “I was actually thinking of you a little bit because you would have just felt bad. How is that fair for me to say to you ‘I’m gutted about it,’ it’s mopey isn’t it?”

Later, Adam fills Hayley in on how the boys reacted to Georgia and Rosie. On who might go for the new girls, Adam replies: “I think Niall will, I think Jack will, I think Eyal will…”

Hayley is shocked and annoyed at the mention of Eyal’s name.

Kendall then quizzes Adam on his thoughts about the new girls.


In the Beach Hut, Adam admits: “I didn’t realise how insecure she might have been especially with me, I thought she’d have a little bit more confidence in her so to be honest it might be sort of grinding on me a little bit. I think the next day or so I’ll see where that’s at but I can’t deal with that much insecurity there’s only so far you can go…

“The new girls have just walked in. They’re not bad at all. I haven’t really had a chance to speak to them at all but the looks are there.

Later in the Beach Hut, Adam admits he may have had his head turned from Kendall: “I feel like now since everything has changed in the villa I just feel like flipping the whole situation on its head and just going for someone completely different and out of the blue. I know I probably could with one of the girls.”

Has Adam's head been turned?
Has Adam’s head been turned?

Later, Adam pulls Kendall aside for a chat. He explains that he is worried about Kendall’s insecurities.

“If I’m honest with you, alarm bells are ringing in my head now. I never normally push this hard to try and make the girl feel comfortable, ever… I’ve done nothing to make you think that I would pick someone else,” he says.


“I am just insecure. I think Rosie has come in, she’s really attractive, I know you two are going to get on,” Kendall says.

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.