Love Island spoilers: Mass dumping follows dramatic recoupling


A dramatic recoupling looms on Love Island 2019 tonight that will end in a mass dumping.

Tonight, the girls and boys will be reunited in the Villa as the Casa Amor relationship test comes to a close.

There will be a dramatic Recoupling as Curtis, Tommy, Danny, Jordan, Anton and Michael decide whether they want to remain true to the girl they are coupled up with, or whether they want to couple up with someone new.

Equally, the girls who have been in Casa Amor – Amy, Molly-Mae, Maura, Anna, Lucie and Amber – also get to decide if they want to return to their original couple, or bring home someone new.

If both the girl and boy decide to stay true to their original couple, they will return to that couple.

If either the girl or boy decides to partner with someone new, they will form a new couple.

If anyone decides to stay true to their couple – but the other person has jumped ship – a new couple will be formed and the person left without a partner becomes single.

Any of the new girls or boys not coupled up with will be dumped.

In Casa Amor, Molly-Mae is thinking about Tommy and the fact his head has been turned before. She tells Amber and Amy: “You’ve not been in a position where your guy has had his head turned and I have. I have been in a position where Maura came in, how quickly did Tommy’s head turn?

“I hadn’t admitted to him how I felt about him so that’s understandable, but at the same time his head was like ding, ding, ding, new girl, alert, alert. I have everything to worry about because realistically it’s happened once it could very easily happen again.”

Elsewhere, Lucie is getting closer to George as she encourages him to go in for a kiss as it might help her make her mind up about who she fancies more out of him or Stevie.

In the Beach Hut, she says: “I was doing these kiss eyes like, you can kiss me right now!.. It’s really hard because Stevie and George have both been asking me where my head’s at… I’m trying to hold back, not trying to get people’s hopes up. I just don’t know.”

In the Villa, Michael and Joanna are getting closer as they talk on the day beds. Michael tells her: “I’ve come back into being myself just from you being here. You being here and being around you has made me more like myself.”

Michael is sending Joanna strong signals and the pair share a kiss. But Michael still has Amber – who he is coupled up with – on his mind.

In the Beach Hut, he says: “Amber is an unbelievable girl but it’s the little things that are playing on my mind at the minute. I am torn in the sense that I don’t want to hurt Amber but at the same time I’m enjoying Joanna’s company and how she’s making me feel.”

Later, Curtis and Tommy chat again about Curtis’ current predicament.

Curtis tells Tommy: “I’ve been lying in mine and Amy’s relationship without even realising it. There are things wrong in our relationship. I haven’t been expressing my feelings properly… But there are things wrong with it.

“I don’t like how sometimes Amy doesn’t do things. I don’t like the fact that Amy is so negative sometimes when she doesn’t need to be because she is talented, she’s smart. I don’t like these things. The fact that Jourdan has those things straight away has influenced me and changed my mind.”

With heads turning left, right and centre, it seems that everything could change tonight – so how will the couples look after the Recoupling and who will be dumped from the Island?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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