Love Island spoilers! It kicks off between Hayley and Eyal after a first kiss

A first kiss quickly turns into a major row on Love Island 2018 tonight.


After their surprise recoupling on Friday night, Hayley Hughes and Eyal Booker end up in a major argument.

Laura Anderson and Wes Nelson also get involved, in what all begins with a first kiss.

Discussing the recoupling, Eyal explains why chose to remain secretive about who he would eventually pick: “I’ve wanted to make you sweat as well which is why I didn’t tell anyone my decision. I didn’t think you were interested in me or giving me the time of day, which is what I was upset about.”

Defending herself, Hayley replies: “It’s not that I’m not interested or giving you the time of day. I just haven’t got to know you as a person.”

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The pair then share a first kiss – only for Hayley to then immediately friend zone Eyal.


She tells the beach hut: “I don’t see Eyal as any more than a friend right now. A kiss is a kiss at the end of the day. I’m going to enjoy getting to know him as a person, so yeah. What’s a kiss?”

Hayley then tells Wes and Laura: “I’m very grateful that he’s chosen me because I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him, but I just feel like obviously because I kissed him last night, that’s just clarified that I literally don’t want anything more with him.

“There’s no chemistry, I don’t feel like he brings my personality out in me, I feel like I’m very boring when I’m around him.”

She continues: “I’ve noticed since last night and then today he’s been proper buzzing and it’s making me sick. I like a lad that plays it cool, do you know what I mean? And any little thing he does I think, like before he was proper (simulates breathing) and I’m like ‘why are you breathing like that?’”

Torn between keeping Hayley’s confidence and his loyalty towards Eyal, Wes later admits to Jack that he’s finding it hard keeping quiet about the things Hayley has said.

Calling Eyal over, Wes bites the bullet and fills him in on Hayley’s comments. Advising Eyal on his next steps, Wes pushes him to call Hayley out on her remarks.

Eyal wastes no time in pulling Hayley aside and demanding an explanation: “So I’m going to try to keep a cool head, and I would ideally like you to do the same but the bottom line is you’ve been chatting s*** about me. You’ve been getting personal for no reason.


“You always say that you’re a straight up person and you say it how it is, but you’ve been walking around, bitching about me to other people. You know exactly what you’ve been saying.”

Hayley interjects “That you’re not my type?”

Eyal vents: “Come off it. That’s all you’ve said? I should have trusted my gut last night. You sat here and you tried to tell me that you wanted to give me a chance and that you wanted to get to know me.

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“All I’m going to say here because it’s all I need to say is that I don’t want to get to know you anymore than I’ve got to know you, because the people that I trust in here have come to me because they view me as a loyal person.”

Both storm off, before a tearful Hayley then confronts Wes, asking “What’s gone on? I don’t understand. I’ve chosen you to confide in.”

Before long, the rest of the girls , including Wes’ current partner Laura, are also questioning why Wes got himself involved in the situation.


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Speaking to him in the bedroom, Laura is quick to question him on his motivation for stirring the pot with Eyal and Hayley.

She says: “I’m really annoyed, I don’t understand. Me, you and Hayley sat and had a private conversation, it’s nothing to do with us Wes. She trusted both of us. Now I’m annoyed at you, because of them.


“It’s pathetic. It’s got nothing to do with us. I just don’t think you should have done that. I don’t want to fall out with you, but you’re making it very difficult.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.