Love Island spoilers: Aaron speaks to Sharon over Hugo argument

Aaron Francis speaks to Sharon Gaffka on Love Island tonight after her clash with Hugo Hammond last night.

Sharon and Faye Winter got into a disagreement with Hugo in the latest episode, with Aaron expressing to the boys he didn’t like the way Sharon handled the situation.

Tonight, Aaron is keen to express his feelings to Sharon and asks her for a chat at the fire pit.

Aaron says: “I wanted to chat to you yesterday. After yesterday, I didn’t really like the way you reacted to everything.”

Sharon replies: “From my perspective, you weren’t in the conversation. So when I was talking to him I wasn’t yelling.”


Aaron continues: “Personally, I do prefer someone a lot more chilled. We get on really well, that’s pretty clear. But I do feel like there were a few red flags about. Can I see this working long-term? I’m not really sure. I didn’t want to continue it.”

Sharon responds: “You didn’t? Or you don’t?”

Is Aaron ready to call time on his and Sharon’s coupling?

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, Aaron heads out on a date with both new girls Lucinda and Millie.

The pair receive texts which read: “You will have dinner with three boys of your choice. One boy will prepare the starter, one will prepare the main, and the third will prepare dessert.”

Millie chooses Aaron to cook her starter while Lucinda chooses Aaron for her dessert.

On his date with Lucinda, Aaron asks: “Why did you choose me?”

Lucinda replies: “I feel like you’re really good looking, and I feel like we get along really well. You made it to the dessert.”

Millie and Aaron date.
Millie and Aaron date.

But as the dates draw to a close, who are the new girls keen to move forward with?

Love Island continues tonight at 10PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox