Love Island spoiler: Jordan Hames asks Anna Vakili to be his girlfriend

Jordan Hames asks Anna Vakili to be his girlfriend in tonight’s Love Island 2019.


So far there’s just one official couple in the villa – Tommy & Molly-Mae.

Could Anna and Jordan be about to join them? Having been going from strength to strength and it seems Jordan is now ready to put a label on it.

In tonight’s show, at the sun deck, Jordan fills the boys in on his plan of action to make Anna his girlfriend.

Jordan says “I want the boys’ opinion. I want to ask Anna to be my chick! I want to make a gesture now and it’ll be special and something we can remember.”

The boys encourage Jordan to pop the question. He explains his approach on how he plans to ask Anna. Jordan wants to take Anna on a trip down memory lane and tour the villa exploring all the spots in which they’ve made memories.

It appears the girls catch on and can see the boys plotting. To throw the girls off the scent, the boys pretend they’re talking about Michael’s ongoing situation with Amber.


The girls then speculate that Michael could be planning to make a move on Amber, and are completely unaware about Jordan’s plans to make it official with Anna.

Jordan soon asks Anna for a chat and the pair travel around the villa reminiscing on their romantic journey.

At the swing seat, Jordan and Anna reflect on their first kiss. Jordan then makes his move on Anna. He says “I’ve never trusted anyone as much as I’ve trusted you. I am amazed by you. I feel like I’m falling for you.”

He then asks “I wanted to ask you to be my girlfriend.”

Is Anna ready to make things official and call Jordan her boyfriend?

Love Island 2019 continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.


Also on this evening’s episode, Amber and Greg share a first kiss while Curtis and Maura head out for a date.

And at the end of the evening there’s a shock decision to be made as one couple is dumped from the villa.