Love Island’s Munveer Jabbal talks Patsy, Jess, and new friendships

Munveer Jabbal
Munveer Jabbal. Credit: ITV

Munveer Jabbal reflected on his disappointing but enjoyable exit from the Love Island Villa, his connections with Patsy and Jess, and his close friendships with Ayo and Ciaran, backing Nicole and Ciaran to form a strong connection.

How does it feel to be leaving the Love Island Villa?

It’s disappointing but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I can’t look back and say I wish this happened or wish that happened because I had a good time. I made some really good friends. Obviously, I didn’t find the one, which is why I was there, but these things happen.

You explored a connection with Patsy in the Villa, why do you think that didn’t progress?

There was a little spark to begin with but as we got to know each other more there I could tell there was something missing. She’s obviously a very nice girl and very attractive but we were just lacking that spark.

You also explored an initial connection with Jess, was there more there?

Jess is a really cool girl and her personality really shone through. Unfortunately, my timing was a little bit off given the Ronnie situation and in hindsight, I didn’t approach it in the right way.

Which other girls would you have liked to have got to know?

All the girls bring something different to the table, all great personalities and all easy on the eye. I think it would have been Nicole and Jess for me.

Your journey was cut short but you seemed to instantly hit it off with the Islanders, who did you form the closest friendships with?

Everyone was great but Ayo and Ciaran are the two I really got on well with. Ayo is a unique character and reminds me of my friends back home. Ciaran is a bundle of energy – such a kind and caring friendly giant. I really warmed to him.

Who do you think is forming a good connection in the Villa?

Definitely Nicole and Ciaran. When Ciaran talks about Nicole you can tell he gets a little bit flustered and the butterflies start turning. They have a really strong connection but they would be my front runners at the moment.

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