Love Island latest! Rosie’s warning for Zara as Laura is in tears

Latest Love Island news and spoilers - what happened last night?

Rosie Williams has a warning for new girl Zara McDermott on Love Island tonight.


Yesterday evening’s dramatic episode saw Rosie, Adam Collard’s current partner, left in tears when he made a move on Zara.

Rosie confronted Adam in a tearful face off, fresh from their ‘intimate moment’ in bed together.

“I don’t think you’ve any idea how much you’ve really hurt and upset me,” she told him.

“You’ve literally had what you’ve wanted and ditched me twelve hours later,” she continued. “You can’t treat girls like that.”

Rosie accused Adam of ‘tricking girls’, telling him: “You’ve let me literally break my heart today and you sit here now and you’re still cocky, and smug about it,” before storming off in tears.

In a preview shown at the end of the episode, Rosie was seen warning Zara away from Adam after she ended things with him.


“I was the second girl, Megan was the third and you’re the fourth,” Rosie tells Zara.

But will Zara take on board Rosie’s warning?

Meanwhile, Laura is left in tears after a row with Wes Nelson.

She’s seen storming out of the garden after clashing with Wes, who was seen telling her: “We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend”

In last night’s show, she declared it was “make or break” for the pair as a couple two weeks into the series.


Laura said: “Today is definitely make or break. If he’s sulking or in a mood and he doesn’t give me any affection and isn’t being fun and making me feel like a priority I’m not going to waste my time with someone who makes me feel like s*** about myself.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.