Love Island fans shocked by Millie and Liam’s bedroom antics

Millie Court and Liam Reardon left Love Island fans asking a lot of questions in tonight’s latest episode.


The final scenes of this evening’s show the pair were seen in bed together and there was more than a little movement under the sheets.

While it may have been nothing, the footage sent viewers into a frenzy.

One tweeted: “Erm was Millie and Liam doing some dirtiness then #LoveIsland”

Another asked: “did anybody else see millie and liam doing bits”

love island millie liam 2
Love Island’s Millie and Liam in bed

“Millie and Liam doing bits? That rapid hand motion says they were lol #loveisland” a third posted to Twitter while a fourth added: “millie and liam??? what was going on under the covers there?”

“MILLIE AND LIAM? MOVING LIKE RABBITS” another viewer wrote.


The pair’s bedroom antics follow the couple rekindling their relationship after a falling out over Casa Amor.

At the weekend, the pair made things exclusive.

Liam had told the boys: “I would like to make her my girlfriend in here, just waiting for the right time. I don’t want to rush things.”

Later, he told Millie: “I’ve got a lot of plans and I want to do them with you.”

She replied: “I’m happy that we’re able to get back on track again.”

He went on: “Are we exclusive? I don’t want to put pressure on you.”

Millie said: “That would give me some confidence, once you’ve said we’re exclusive, that’s it then, you’ve confirmed your word, you can’t go back on that.”

Millie and Liam.
Millie and Liam.

Liam added: “Yeah. I’m more than happy to be exclusive with you. Yeah, I’m serious, it’s the truth.”

Millie confirmed: “So we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend but we’re exclusive. I’m happy to do that.”


Love Island continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.