Love Island fans reckon the cast aren’t all telling the truth about themselves

Love Island fans reckon some of the show’s cast are conspiring about their ages.


As the new Love Island contestants settle in, viewers have called into question one particular thing about many of them.

Adam Collard, a 22-year-old Personal Trainer and Gym Director from Newcastle, is one of those who have been accused of lying about their age.

Indeed, people were so shocked to learn his supposed age that ‘Adam is 22’ began to trend on Twitter.

“How is Adam only 22? He looks like he’s about to retire. #LoveIsland” one fan of the show tweeted.

Another demanded: “Someone check his passport, there is no way Adam is 22 #LoveIsland”

“Did I hear right? Adam is 22? The kid looks mid 30’s ? #LoveIsland,” posted a third.


And a fourth joked: “sorry but Adam is 22??????? 22???! This is like when they cast 30 year olds as teenagers in American films”

Also having her age questioned has been Laura Anderson, a 29-year-old Cabin Crew worker from Stirling, Scotland.

“Tryna figure out how Laura is 29 but looks about 43 #LoveIsland” tweeted on viewer in the week’s opening episodes.

Joked another: “Laura pretending she’s 29 as if April fools wasn’t ages ago.”

One Love Island fan concluded: “Twitter figuring out how on earth Laura is only 29 and Adam is only 22 like… #LoveIsland”

Meanwhile, two new girls have been revealed for the villa.


Georgia Steel, a 20-year-old Student from York, and Rosie Williams, a 26-year-old Solicitor from Glamorgan, South Wales, will join the show tonight.

Love Island 2018 airs at 9PM nightly on ITV2.