Love Island fans left shocked by ‘sex pact’: “This episode will haunt me forever”


Love Island fans were left shocked tonight after the girls planned a ‘sex pact’.

A number of the Islanders set out to ‘graduate’ by doing bits with their partners.

“Shall we all take our hats off and throw them in the ring,” Liberty suggested.

Come the evening, condoms were handed out before a series of night-vision shots from the bedroom showed plenty of movement under the covers from the beds of Liberty & Jake, Chloe & Toby, Faye & Teddy and Millie & Liam.

love island pact 1

The next morning the boys and girls split up to discuss the night’s events, with the girls holding a mock graduation ceremony.

“It’s only natural to graduate, this is medical advice, good for the heart, good for the soul, it’s healthy,” medical student Priya told the other girls.

Fans watching on expressed a mix of reactions to the episode, and few comments were positive.

“Not the sex pact plan thing being real and not a joke #LoveIsland” one shocked viewer posted to Twitter.

Another added: “these lot actually PLANNED to have sex all at the same time what the hell am i watching bruh #LoveIsland”

Added a third: “This episode will haunt me forever”

Meanwhile a fourth remarked: “If I was trying to sleep and i had FOUR (4) couples shagging next to me it would send me over the edge #LoveIsland”

And another viewer concluded: “Can’t wait to see the islanders’ faces when they come out and realise how badly this sex banter has flopped #LoveIsland”

Later in tonight’s episode there was a shock recoupling.

Faye received a text which read: “Islanders. Tonight, there will be a recoupling. The girls will each choose which boy they want to couple up with. The boy not picked to be in a couple will be dumped from the Island. #grabaman #girlboss”

Love Island recoupling
Love Island recoupling

In the evening the Islanders gathered at the fire pit as they prepared to recouple and one boy was sent home.

Love Island continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.

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