Love Island contestants ‘secretly communicating’ via texts

Love Island contestants have been ‘secretly communicating’ via texts, it’s been claimed.


The Islanders have apparently been using their phones to communicate while under bed covers, away from the cameras.

Adam Collard and Zara McDermott spilled all after leaving the villa earlier this month.

He said that the couple used to write texts to one another using their phones before quickly deleting them.

Adam explained: “We used to write messages to each other when we were in bed so other people couldn’t hear what we were saying.

“We deleted our messages but the producers told me that they still have them all.”

Zara also shared how producers ‘encouraged’ contestants to interact.


She told OK! Magazine: “They never interfere but sometimes they encourage you to have certain conversations. Like, if Adam had pissed me off they might suggest I speak to him about it – they want us to voice how we feel.”

Meanwhile, the couple revealed that they’re now officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

“Adam told me he loved me a few nights after he got back and I definitely love him too,” Zara said. “People will say we’re moving quickly but no one understands how close you get on Love Island.”

Adam echoed: “I’ve never felt so comfortable or had a connection like this before.

“Zara is unlike anyone I’ve ever met. I’ve never had to try with Zara, but with Kendall [Rae-Knight] and Rosie [Williams] I was trying to force a connection.


“I got on well with them both but there was never the same sort of spark.”

Love Island 2018 airs nightly on ITV2 at 9PM.