Love Island 2022 couple dumped tonight as Islanders decide who stays

Who left Love Island will be revealed tonight

Two couples face elimination from Love Island 2022 tonight after the public vote results.

In Sunday’s show, Ekin-Su received a text which read: “Can all Islanders gather around the firepit immediately.”

The Islanders were then told that the public have been voting for their favourite couple, and those Islanders with the fewest votes would be at risk of being dumped from the Island.

Love Island 2022 results

In no particular order, the couples saved by the public were revealed as Davide & Ekin-Su, Josh & Danica, Indiyah & Deji, Luca & Gemma, Billy & Tasha, Jacques & Paige and Andrew & Coco.

Islanders at the firepit
Islanders at the firepit

As a result, Jay & Chyna and Dami & Summer found themselves in danger of being eliminated.

In tonight’s episode, the Islanders receive a text which reveals: “Which couple is saved and which couple is dumped will be decided by your fellow Islanders.”

Both at risk couples are asked to make their way to the sundeck as the Islanders deliberate on whom they’d like to save.

Who goes will be revealed in tonight’s episode (Monday, 11 July) at 9PM.

Elsewhere in last night’s show there were ups and downs for the current couples in the villa.

Following Coco spilling that she and Andrew had done more than kissing in Casa Amor, Andrew had a heart-to-heart with Tasha.

Also opening up was Dami who expressed to Indiyah to express how he was feeling.

Dami said: “It was always gonna be you for me. Even when you left and stuff, it was always gonna be you. There was a possible connection there with Summer but I don’t feel like the way I feel like when we’re together.

“It’s incomparable to what I feel we have. I feel like it is with you, and if it’s not gonna be with you it is what it is but I don’t feel like anyone else could come in and they’ll change the way I feel about you.”

Following the chat, Indiyah ended up cooling things off with Deji.

Elsewhere, Jacques was on a mission to get back in Paige’s good books after Casa Amor and wrote her a note to find in bed.

Using lipstick, he penned ‘Miss you honey bunz xx’ on a piece of kitchen roll but Paige said she wouldn’t be forgiving him that easily.

Love Island: SR8: Ep35 on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Pictured: Danica ©ITV
Love Island: SR8: Ep35 on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Pictured: Danica ©ITV

Meanwhile, Josh cooled things off with Danica after they returned to Casa Amor as a new couple.

He said: “It’s just a tricky one for me, because I don’t know whether that spark for it to go to the next level is there at this present moment.”

Danica told him: “I think for me, in Casa, I definitely thought there was something there. I feel like the momentum was lost when we came here, which I’m not gonna lie is upsetting because I really do think we matched quite well and we were actually getting on in Casa.”

Love Island 2022 continues nightly on ITV2 and ITV Hub at 9PM.

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