Love Island 2021 winners face prize money twist – did they share or steal?

Who won Love Island 2021? Tonight's final results

The winners of Love Island 2021 have faced a shock prize money twist in tonight’s live show.


This evening’s live results saw Laura Whitmore join the final four couples and announce the winners LIVE as chosen by the public were Millie Court & Liam Reardon.

Chloe Burrows & Toby Aromolaran were runners up, Teddy Soares & Faye Winter finished in third and Kaz Kamwi & Tyler Cruickshank ended the series in 4th place.

Although they won Love Island 2021, the series wasn’t over for Millie & Liam.

Love Island 2021 results

Host Laura unveiled that the £50,000 prize fund wasn’t just theirs to take away then and there.

She said: “Every minute your relationship has been put to the test and today is no different. Now it’s time to find out your genuine intentions – are you here for love or money?”

Laura revealed two sealed envelopes, explaining that one had £0 inside and the other the full £50,000.


Liam and Millie then each had to select an envelope, with Millie ending up with the £50,000 prize and Liam with £0.

Laura put Millie to the test as she was asked if she was on the show for love or just for the cash: She could either keep the £50,000 for herself or share it half and half with Liam.

Millie didn’t even hesitate as she said she would share the prize money. As a result, Mille and Liam each left the villa with £25,000.

So far no couple has chosen to steal the money leaving many viewers to wonder what the point of the twist is.

“This is the deadest twist ever. Every year. Unnecessary.” one wrote on Twitter.

Another agreed: “They need to just get rid of the money twist lol, literally no one is ever going to steal and it just kills the moment.”

“The way they shoe horn the money twist in the last 40 seconds is so random. Just give them their cash and wrap this up” added a third.

Elsewhere in the final of Love Island, the four couples attended the final summer ball and wrote heartfelt declarations of love.


Ahead of the ball the couples were tasked with learning the Salsa before donning their finest evening wear and reading out their declarations to each other.

Love Island is expected to return for a brand new series on ITV2 next year.