Love Island 2021: Jake tells Liberty he loves her – but fans think he’s playing a game

Jake Cornish professed his love for Liberty Poole in last night’s episode of Love Island – but fans aren’t convinced by his feelings.

The pair have been coupled up since the first day in the villa and are the only official boyfriend & girlfriend.

But recently their relationship has been on the rocks with Liberty expressing concerns about Jake.

In a tense chat, Liberty told Jake on Friday: “I said that I love you for weeks ago and you haven’t said it back. I don’t want to be a mug and feel like it’s one-sided. You need to communicate with me how you’re feeling.”

Jake tried to reassure Liberty, telling her: “I feel like a little kid and I feel giddy. You make me so happy, I’m happiest when I’m with you.

love island jake liberty
Liberty and Jake

“I feel like I have found what I have been looking for because I love you for you.”

He added: “I do love ya… Liberty, I love you, you make me so happy and I love you.”

Many viewers haven’t been left convinced by Jake’s actions, with one tweeting: “NOT JAKE FORCING ‘I LOVE YOU’ OUT OF HIS MOUTH, So desperate for the 50k #LoveIsland”

Another wrote: “Jake laughing and saying he’s all giddy, when really he just trying to come up with a good enough lie”

“Jake saying he’s not ready to say I love you and then saying he loves Lib in the same convo??!” a third questioned.

A fourth wrote: “Not Jake only now saying he loves liberty after he realises she’s sussed him out and he can’t get the 50k #LoveIsland”

And it’s not just viewers who aren’t buying what Jake told Liberty.

Jake and Liberty chat.
Jake and Liberty chat.

In a preview of Sunday night’s show, the other girls were seen questioning Liberty about Jake’s words.

Chloe was seen telling her: “Do you not think he’s telling you what you want to hear?”

Love Island 2021 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 an ITV Hub.