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Love Island 2021: Danny Bibby and AJ speak out after leaving the villa

Danny Bibby and AJ have spoken out after their exits from Love Island.


The two left Love Island tonight after a public vote.

The three least popular boys and girls faced elimination with the other islanders deciding who should go. The girls voted to eliminate Danny while the boys voted to send AJ home.

Danny had coupled up with Lucinda Strafford in the last recoupling but just before his exit had shared a kiss with AJ.

Speaking about the situation on leaving the villa, Danny said: “Obviously when I first met [Lucinda], she’s really nice, a stunning girl. But I’ve never really come across someone I can’t speak to properly. She doesn’t give you much back.

“Me and AJ are a lot more suited. Obviously, she’s my type on paper looks wise and she’s up for a laugh. She smashed the first challenge [cat and mouse] when she was new like me. She put her all into it. She bossed that. Full of confidence and I liked it.”

And he added of the boys in the villa: “Me and Jake got on like a house on fire. It was like a little bromance. That was good to meet Jake and I reckon we’ll be friends for a long time.


“With the guys in there it was sweet. It was good. Me and Aaron squashed it [about Lucinda], it wasn’t even that deep. Me and Aaron were fine. Straight after it happened we were chatting in the bedroom.”

Both Danny and AJ say they plan to meet up now they’re out of the villa.

AJ shared: “Me and Danny did click straight away. It’s a shame we only sort of got to have one chat before this happened. Again, it’s early days, we’ll see what happens I guess. I’m open to see what happens.”

Meanwhile the pair had different views on which could would win the series.

Danny said: “Obviously, Jake and Liberty. They could win it. She can be herself, he can be himself. They get each other, do you know what I mean? They just bounce off each other and just laugh and mess around – it’s good to see.

“That was definitely what I was looking for. Speaking to Jake, we were trying to find a ‘Jake and Liberty 2.0’ for me, so we could be the four of us.”

AJ said: “This is the thing, if I could go back now knowing Hugo wouldn’t make much of an effort with me, I’d probably have coupled up with Liam. But Liam and Millie, seeing them in person, for me they were quite a strong couple.


“I feel like Liam and Millie are a really lovely couple. So I’d say them two. I think they could potentially win it.”

Love Island 2021 continues at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.