Love Island 2021: Abigail and Dale speak out after their exits


Abigail Rawlings and Dale Mehmet have spoken out after their exits from Love Island 2021.

The pair were dumped from the villa in Monday night’s episode after six Islanders were left at risk following the public vote.

Tyler, Dale, Jake, Abigail, Mary and Kaz were all left in danger and it was up to the remaining Islanders to choose who left.

The boys to send home Abi while the girls chose to send home Dale.

Love Island results
Love Island results

Following her exit, Abi said: “I feel like it was my time. I had a lot of fun and I bonded so much with the girls and some of the boys. I came into Love Island and I fell in love but a different kind of love, I fell in love with my friends.

“I’m really glad I did it. There were obstacles about myself that I overcame and things that I wasn’t aware of about myself that I discovered. The biggest thing I think I’ve gained from Love Island is self growth. I didn’t come out with a partner but I came out with new friendships and more self awareness and understanding of myself.”

Speaking about Toby returning to Casa Amor with Mary, Abi continued: “I’m such a one man woman. I was fully aware that me and Toby hadn’t connected properly yet and I knew that holding out for him was a risk but that’s why I don’t blame him for bringing back Mary. Why would he not? The question is why did I not [laughs]?

“For me, I knew that if I re-coupled it would have just been to play safe and stay in the Villa. I don’t regret it, I’d do it all over again. I’m really happy that I stuck to what I thought was right for me.”

And she added of Toby’s recent change of feelings for Chloe: “I think because my feelings weren’t deep with Toby, the second he told me that it was like a switch just went. I couldn’t help but find it endearing. When you get to know Toby, it’s so Toby!

“He’s on his journey and he’s learning, he’s making mistakes and he’s taking them on board. I appreciate self-growth more than anything. He’s only 22.”

Meanwhile Dale admitted of his time with Chloe: “I wasn’t initially attracted to Chloe – her personality took me by surprise. She’s one of the funniest people I have ever met. She is so funny. She’s such an amazing person.

“After the re-coupling and I had established it was just friends with Chloe, I said to Toby, you’ve obviously got a strong connection, and I could see it as well. I’m never going to be the person to stop two people who are attracted to each other going for it. I was buzzing. It was good to see. He was more upbeat, she was upbeat.

Abigail and Dale
Abigail and Dale

“The two of them are so funny together. Toby’s still young and you can see that in his mentality and some of the ways he goes about things. He’s learning about relationships. He’s kind of learning on the job in there. Even I was learning, I was learning about myself and other people.”

He added of his exit: “It is what it is. I came for an experience. I enjoyed every minute of it when I was there. I don’t deep situations like that too much.

“I feel like they made the right choice. I’m not upset about leaving. I feel like I was in a different situation to the two other boys. I still had the chance to meet somebody as well, but they had made a connection and I feel like their connection was stronger so the choice was the right choice. If I was the girls, I would have done the same, so I know it’s the right choice. ”

Love Island continues tomorrow at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox