Love Island 2020 recoupling results! Who’s still together and who split?

What happened on last night's Love Island? Recap February 6!

Here’s a full recap of the Love Island 2020 recoupling results as the Casa Amor twist concluded.

At the start of this week, the original Islanders were split up into two villas.

The girls stayed in the original villa where they were joined by six new boys while the original lads went to Casa Amor with six new ladies.

Last night saw the two villas reunite as each of the original Islanders decided if they wanted to recouple with their original partner or couple up with one of the new Islanders.

So whose relationships have been tested? Who has decided to stick with their current partner? Who recoupled? And who ended up single?

Love Island 2020 recoupling results

Rebecca coupled up with new boy Jordan. Rebecca was previously single after Wallace’s elimination.

Mike coupled up with new girl Priscilla. Mike was previously single after Sophie’s elimination.

Jess coupled up with new boy Ched. Jess was previously coupled up with Luke M.

Luke M coupled up with new girl Natalia. Luke M was previously coupled up with Jess.

Luke T and Siânnise recoupled with one another.

Demi chose to recouple with Nas however he coupled up with new girl Eva.

Finn and Paige recoupled with one another.

Shaughna chose to recouple with Callum however he coupled up with new girl Molly.

As a result, original Islanders Demi and Shaughna were left single but remained in the villa.

Meanwhile, the new Islanders who were not chosen to be in couples – Jamie, Jade, Biggs, Alexi, George and Josh – left the villa.

In Thursday evening’s episode, host Laura Whitmore popped up in the villa to announce the recoupling.

Laura told those currently in the Main Villa: “As you all know, tonight there will be a recoupling. Girls, you each have a massive decision to make.

“I’m now going to ask you one by one if you’d like to stick with your current partner, who’s been living in Casa Amor for the last few days, or if you’d like to recouple with one of these boys standing in front of you.

“The boys have also had to make the decision of whether to stick with you, or recouple with one of the girls in Casa Amor.”

Laura added: “Remember, Casa Amor is the ultimate relationship test. Girls, it’s time to make your decisions and find out what the boys have decided to do.”

Love Island 2020 continues nightly at 9pm on iTV2.

You can watch full episodes on ITV HUb.

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