Love Island’s Maura Higgins RAGING at Tom Walker after overhearing his ‘banter’

What Tom said on Love Island to leave Maura fuming - what happened last night recap

Maura Higgins was left raging with Tom Walker on Love Island 2019 last night.


A night in the hideaway awaited the pair… before Tom put his foot in it.

In Sunday’s show (Sunday, June 23), after winning the ‘Gym Bunnies’ challenge, Maura was given the opportunity to spend the night in the Hideaway with a boy of her choice.

She chose Tom who was ecstatic at the thought of some alone time with Maura.

However, as Maura got ready for her night alone with Tom, she overheard Tom’s banter with the boys about their upcoming night in the Hideaway and was not happy.

As the guys discussed the potential that Tom and Maura might go all the way, Tom remarked to the boys: “It’ll be interesting to see if she’s all mouth or not.”

Maura reacted to the remark: “Are you f**king joking, you just said that?


“That’s a d**khead comment.”

Instead of inviting Tom into the hideaway, Maura told Tom: “Go f**k yourself.”

Meanwhile, a preview of tonight’s (Monday) episode saw Maura and Tom having a massive row over the comments.

Earlier in the episode, Maura and Tom had shared their first proper kiss as the pair continued to get close.

While the rest of the villa was gripped by the Yewande-Danny-Arabella love-triangle drama, Tom was keen to make a move on Maura.

As Maura spoke with the girls on the day beds, Tom asked Maura to the terrace for a private chat.


Tom asked Maura “How are you feeling after the kissing challenge? What did I give you?”

Maura responded: “I think it was a seven. You’re going to say that I deserved higher. Obviously, I know that.”

Tom remarked: “I’d like to revise my score.”

Maura replied: “You can’t.”

However Tom then made a move on Maura as he commented: “Well, rate this” as he went in for a kiss.

Maura later reflected in the Beach Hut, telling cameras: “Not a lot of people shock me, but Tom has shocked me. I don’t want to be soppy but it was really good. I enjoyed it. He’s a really good kisser.”


Love Island 2019 airs nightly on ITV2.

As well as the fallout from Tom and Maura’s row, Monday night’s show will see a new recoupling that will leave one girl dumped.