Love Island 2018 working on ‘big new twist’ that’s sure stir up drama

Love Island bosses are reportedly working on a mega twist involving exes of the current contestants.

Rumour has it that former boyfriends and girlfriends could be set to join the villa.

It’s sure to stir up drama, with many having some scores to settle.

A source spilled to The Sun newspaper: “For the past few weeks there have been lots of discussions whose exes would make good TV and who would make the most impact. They are being lined up and talked up.”

“Nothing has been decided but it is something that has been on the table for a while and could happen later in this series,” they added.

According to the Daily Mirror, one of those lined up is Jack’s former girlfriend Keeley.

It comes after he and Dani Dyer made things official in the villa last night.

Jack told the cameras: “The next girl I want to be my girlfriend, I don’t want it to be for six months or a year. I’ve done all that now, it’s boring. The next person I want to go with, I want to make them happy and I want to be with them so it’s a big, massive decision. Not for me, I know how I feel but for her, do you know what I mean?”

But if one ex wasn’t enough, it’s also been claimed that ANOTHER of Jack’s former partners is due to enter.

The Sun says that Ellie, who was dating Jack just before the show, hopes to win him back.

An insider said: “She said that after seeing Jack on TV, she got in touch with the show and asked to go on.

“She wants him back and will go in there trying to get back together with him, it’s bad news for Dani as Ellie and Jack have a lot of history.”

For now, Love Island 2018 continues nightly on ITV2 at 9PM.

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