Love Island 2018 spoilers! Rosie Williams and Adam Collard drama revealed

What did Adam do on Love Island?!

Rosie Williams and Adam Collard clash in Love Island 2018 tonight – here’s what happened between them.


Following THAT dramatic teaser at the end of last night’s Love Island, here’s what happens this evening.

Adam finds himself in hot water after making a move on new girl Megan Barton Hanson, despite being currently coupled up with Rosie.

Adam says of Megan: “She’s f**king mint. She is fit. I don’t think you can say you don’t have a roaming eye in here. I don’t think any boy possibly could…

“Megan, obviously, she’s very nice. If I was to say that I wasn’t looking at her in some sort of way and have an attraction, I’d be lying.”

He later sits down with Megan for a flirty chat – where he complains about Rosie.


Adam tells Megan of his current relationship with Rosie: “At the minute like, it’s good but sometimes, she can be a bit on top of us.”

Megan tells the Beach Hut: “I think it’s really sneaky the way Adam has played it.”

Megan then heads to Rosie to spill on Adam’s comments and his attempts to graft her.

Later on, Rosie confronts Adam – and it all ends in tears.

You can watch a first preview of the drama in the clip above.

Love Island airs tonight on ITV2.

Speaking before entering the villa, Adam said he was after a “good time” on the show: “I like meeting people and talking to everybody so I think even if I do or I don’t find Mrs Right, it’ll be fine.


“I’m very loyal to my friends. I think you’ll be surprised, I think there’ll be a bromance as much as there’ll be a romance.”

Asked what kind of girl he was looking for, Adam revealed: “A dominant girl who keeps me on my toes but who is also genuine and down to earth and who I could take home to family if I wanted to. I’ve been out with people before who are very materialistic and I can’t stand that.”

He admitted to previously cheating on one of his girlfriends.


“At the time I felt super guilty when I cheated but now looking back on it, it was just a silly thing when I was young. The last girl I was with, it was more serious and I think once I’m there with someone and I do fully like them then I’m loyal,” he said.

Love Island 2018 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2.