Love Island 2018 spoilers: Alexandra Cane and Alex George’s fallout continues

Alexandra Cane and Alex George continue to row in Love Island 2018 tonight.

Last night’s episode saw Alex decide to call of the pair’s relationship, leaving Alexandra fuming.

In this evening’s episode, Alex tells some of the islanders: “She wouldn’t let me speak. Maybe I’m not perfect, I really have tried. I really didn’t want to string her along, or be unfair to anyone else in the villa, or play any games, or pretend to be anything I wasn’t.

“I’ve come here to find someone, to find love, I felt like she was the perfect person for me and I’m devastated that it’s not worked out. I’m gutted, I’m back to square one.”

Venting her fury to Laura and Josh, Alexandra rages: “He chose to recouple with me. That wasn’t my decision. I was shocked when he recoupled with me because I thought he fancied (new) Laura. And then the Lie Detector thing. Would rather recouple? He said no. It came back a lie. I just feel like I’ve been lied to.

“Maybe you guys think differently, but I’ve given chances, and I’ve tried to be understanding. I just feel like I’m not having that reciprocated and it’s not fair.”

Insisting his decision was made with the best of intentions, Alex continues: “She’s beautiful, she’s really nice, she’s funny, she’s got everything. It’s not my fault. You can’t make that feeling, you can’t force that.

“What she wants and probably deserves I can’t give her. I can’t go at the level she wants to be in. I could literally try and get to the final by pretending but I’m not doing that. It’s not right.”

The next morning, Alex attempt to clear the air but she is no frame of mind for forgiveness, declaring to the girls: “I’m just not ready to talk to him right now. I’m literally not.”

Summarising the mood in the villa, Alexandra tells the Beach Hut: “It is going to be a little bit awkward between Alex and I today. I definitely need some space. I don’t really want to be around him at the moment. There’s no real coming back from this, I can see that. I’ve just got to move forward in a positive way.”

When Alex later approaches her, Alexandra hits back: “I don’t really feel like talking right now to be honest.”

It’s not until the evening that Alex and Alexandra finally take a moment to talk through things, and Alexandra seizes her opportunity to pinpoint Alex’s failings.

She tells him: “As a female, you can’t help but think that things are progressing in a certain direction, and maybe we are more emotional characters. I just need you to know that because obviously it hasn’t worked out with us, but maybe in the future just be cautious of that.

“The things that you said to me yesterday on our date, that you’d like to continue dating me on the outside, and just things that you were saying, maybe led me on a little bit if you were feeling doubtful. A girl really holds onto things that guys say, and we believe every word of it.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.