Love Island 2018 spoiler: Jack Fowler and Laura Anderson to SPLIT?!

Jack Fowler and Laura Anderson look set to split up on tonight’s Love Island tonight.


It follows two new guys entering the villa, alongside two new girls in Monday night’s show.

Monday also saw a shock twist when Georgia & Sam were told by Caroline Flack they had to either to leave the villa or split up to stay.

In tonight’s show, Laura is unsettled after Georgia mentions to her that Jack has told Sam that, if he had been in the same position as Sam and Georgia, he too would have opted to stay in the villa.

Confused, Laura immediately seeks Jack out to get to the bottom of his remarks.


Jack is quick to backtrack on his comments: “I kind of said that to comfort him a little bit.”

But Laura snaps: “No you said it because you meant it.”


She adds: “You can help him by not involving me and us. There’s already a thing in my head. I just don’t feel like it’s that great to have Georgia come and say to me that you’ve said something like that to Sam when you could comfort him in a way that doesn’t involve me and you.”

Later, with Jack’s words playing on Laura’s mind, she raises the topic again while they lie in bed together: “I just don’t want to be mugged off, and I don’t get why you said that. Are you actually sure you are in this for the right reasons?”

Reflecting on his current predicament with Laura, Jack tells the Beach Hut: “At the moment with Laura we’ve got a good vibe, there’s a good connection there with me and her.

“These new girls have come in and I’ve said to Laura whatever happens I’ll always be 100% honest with her. I’m going to continue to do that so we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Meanwhile, Laura is fuming when Dani and Alexandra set about matchmaking the new boys, and discuss Paul’s suitability for Laura.

But some gentle encouragement from Dani and Alexandra is not well received by Laura, who vents: “Everyone just sticks their nose in. And it’s just annoying. It is. You’re trying to push me in the direction of someone else and I don’t appreciate it.

“I cannot pursue someone else while I’m still pursuing Jack. I just wish that you guys could just enjoy and see me and Jack being good instead of everyone having so many opinions against it.”


Elaborating further in the Beach Hut, Laura says:“Alexandra and Dani are coming up to me trying to push me in the direction of Paul. I’m like ‘I’m happy with Jack and I don’t really need to be jumping ship.’ I just don’t really feel the need for it and I just want people to shut up.”

It seems however that Laura’s own loyalty may not be shared by Jack, as he settles down for a conversation with new girl Stephanie, who immediately lays her cards on the table.

She tells him: “It would be nice to get to know you better as it would with all the other guys. I felt with you most awkward to come over and speak to you because I really do like Laura. It makes that whole aspect so much harder.”

Spotting their conversation together, Laura quickly interrupts things and instead asks if she can speak to Jack, where she relays her conversation with Dani and Alexandra and pledges her commitment to Jack in the process.

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She declares: “I don’t date two people at the same time on the outside. I’m not going to go over and flirt with Paul, get into bed and kiss you. That’s just weird… And likewise if you like the girls and you said you wanted to get to know them, then as far as I’m concerned we’re done.”

Laura retreats to the Beach Hut, as she mulls over what this means for their future: “This is too much. I thought we were on the same page, none of us liked the new people, we’re just going to stick together, and then we started talking about the future.


“He’s worried that we’re not going to work on the outside, I was like ‘well I don’t know what’s going to happen either’, and if we both fancy each other and we don’t fancy anyone else, then why do we need to stop something that’s good.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2