Love Island 2018 spoiler: Jack Fincham talks to ex Ellie Jones about their history

Jack Fincham talks to ex Ellie Jones about their past on Love Island 2018 tonight.


It follows Ellie spilling all about her history with Jack to his current partner in the villa, Dani Dyer.

Ellie shared: “We were on and off since 2016. I didn’t know he was coming on here. That’s what I had the hump about. He could have gone about things a little bit differently with me but he did apologise for that… I wouldn’t go back there.

“He didn’t make me that happy. I was a bit down about it in that situation… He wasn’t the best. He could have just done things a bit differently.”

In tonight’s show, Jack is seen talking to the boys about his ex.

He says he feels he should apologise to Ellie for how treated her in their past relationship.

Jack says: “I want to move on from it. Speak to her today and give her a really sincere apology because I am sorry for treating her like that. I’m so happy with Dani and I want Ellie to be happy as well. I want us both to move on, draw a line under it.”


Later, Jack goes to speak to his ex, Ellie: “I just wanted to say I’m sorry, I didn’t treat you very nicely, I was horrible, I let you down. I wasn’t myself then. I am genuinely sorry for how I acted. I just want you to know that I’m sorry.”

In the Beach Hut, Ellie says: “Now me and Jack have cleared the air, Jack and Dani can now get on with things. I don’t want anything to get in between them, I especially don’t want it to be me.”

Elsewhere tonight, Ellie is seen contemplating her current villa relationship with Sam Bird.

Talking about being coupled up with Sam, Ellie says: “I do find other boys fit and I think, is that a bad thing? I feel bad.”


Wes tells her: “The only thing I regret about the first week is probably not speaking to more people. Even though I was happy with Laura, I regret not speaking to other people to see.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.