Love Island 2018 results: Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham won with 80% of the vote


Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham won Love Island 2018 with a record breaking 80% of the vote.

It was Jack and Dani who won love Island 2018 last night beating Laura & Paul, Kaz & Josh and Wes & Megan in the live final.

The Love Island 2018 voting percentages and results have now been unveiled by ITV, detailing exactly how every vote throughout the series went.

They reveal that Jack & Dani won the show with a massive 80% of the vote in the live final, with Laura & Paul receiving just over 8% as runners up.

Kaz & Josh had 6%, only 0.2% more than Megan & Wes.

Proving how quickly things change in the villa, only the day before, Kaz & Josh had beaten Laura & Paul in the previous vote, which sent Alexandra & Alex home.

However it seems as though everyone else was only ever fighting for the runners up places, with Jack & Dani leading the way from the very first vote.

When viewers were first asked to vote for their couple back at the start of the series, they topped the poll with a whopping 71%, a lead that only grew.

Jack and Dani got together on the first day of the series in the original coupling on the launch show.

As the winning couple, the pair got to play for the £50,000 prize fund. Caroline revealed two sealed envelopes, explaining that one had £0 inside and the other the full £50,000.

Dani & Jack then each had to select an envelope, with Dani ending up with £0 and Jack the £50,000 prize.

Caroline put Jack to the test as he was told he could either keep the £50,000 for himself or share it half and half with Dani.

“I’m sharing it, obviously!” said Jack without hesitation.

As a result, Dani & Jack each left the villa with £25,000.

Love Island will return for a fifth season in the summer of 2019.

Before then, a special reunion show will air on Sunday night, August 5 at 9PM.

Caroline Flack will be joined by all the islanders from across the series as we get all the gossip from the Isle of Love and find out if love is still blooming outside of the villa.