Love Island 2018 contestants have to pass STI tests to enter the villa

Contestants on Love Island 2018 must pass a STI test in order to join the show, it’s been revealed.


Perhaps all not too surprisingly, potential Islanders must be given the green light by medics before entering the villa.

Those that may have “picked something up” are rejected from the show.

“Love Island is a hot-bed of passion – as we’ve seen,” a source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper previously. “Bosses want contestants to get it on because it makes great TV and sends ratings soaring.

“But the last thing they want is one unknowingly spreading an STI around the villa.”

They explained: “Contestants aren’t chosen for their dedication to celibacy, so it’s possible one could have picked something up.

“Bosses are doing the responsible thing by making sure everyone who goes in has a clean bill of health.”


Meanwhile, Love Island’s supposed ‘sex rules’ have been revealed.

One of the things the cast of each series are banned from doing is enjoying some ‘alone time’.

While the contestants are more than welcome to get frisky with one another, solo acts are said to be banned.

Also off limits is, perhaps surprisingly, nudity.

The contestants must do their best to avoid letting everything be seen by viewers.

Another of the show’s reported rules concerns alcohol.

The contestants are provided with a couple of drinks each evening and anyone who ends up getting too tipsy or outright drunk must not participate in any ‘adult activities’.


Plus, the show’s team offer the group a counsellor to get advice from as well as access to emergency contraceptives, alongside condoms.

Love Island 2018 begins on ITV2 from June 4 at 9PM.

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