Meet the cast of Loaded in Paradise series 2

Loaded in Paradise series 2 cast group photo

Loaded in Paradise series two has arrived on ITV2 – meet the cast here!


The new reality show first launched on ITV’s new streaming service in 2022 and is the first reality format recommission for ITVX.

Loaded in Paradise sees fun-loving pairs in a race to take control of, and spend, 50,000 euros as they aim to follow the show’s mantra: ‘Live your best life, just don’t get caught’.

The new run will re-visit the original location, Greece, but with an exciting new route, packed with luxurious locations, incredible spends, and twists and turns.

Meet the Cast

Kieran (27) and Zoe (29)

Kieran and Zoe on Loaded in Paradise series two

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Kieran and Zoe’s friendship blossomed a decade ago amidst Edinburgh’s vibrant social scene. By day, Zoe thrives in the bustling world of real estate, transforming into a lively DJ by night. Meanwhile, Kieran is at the helm of a self-tanning venture and doubles as a personal trainer.


Known for their exuberant spirit, these two have mastered the art of accessing exclusive VIP areas during their nocturnal adventures, a tactic they’re keen to leverage in the competition. Their strong personalities and fierce competitiveness are their ticket to potentially outsmarting their rivals from the outset.


Tizzy (24) and Romeo (20)

Tizzy and Romeo on Loaded in Paradise series two

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The brotherly duo of Tizzy and Romeo share their family home in Dunstable, navigating a relationship that’s both close-knit and peppered with differences. Tizzy, a rapper and clothing line owner, views Romeo as somewhat indolent, while Romeo critiques Tizzy’s multitasking abilities and stubbornness.

Despite their disagreements, the brothers dream of a holiday together, seeing it as an opportunity for quality bonding. Tizzy’s impulsive nature and penchant for luxury contrast with Romeo’s pragmatic concerns, especially regarding the less glamorous aspects of their adventure. Their strategy involves underplaying their athletic prowess to catch their competitors off guard.



Faith (22) and Chelise (22)

Faith and Chelise on Loaded in Paradise series two

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Faith and Chelise, having met through friends six years ago, now share a home in Manchester. Chelise’s career in recruitment complements Faith’s ambitions in the fashion industry. While Faith prefers a laid-back approach to life, Chelise is no stranger to drama, which seems to follow her.

Despite their competitive streak, even against each other, they’re ready to leverage their charm to navigate a luxurious lifestyle. However, the prospect of modest accommodations and a tight budget poses a significant challenge to their glamorous expectations.


Saffron (23) and Amirah (22)

Saffron and Amirah on Loaded in Paradise series two

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Childhood friends Saffron and Amirah share an unbreakable bond, thanks to their mothers’ longstanding friendship. Working together as energy specialists, they exhibit a unique dynamic; Saffron’s outgoing nature complements Amirah’s reliability and focus.

Although the idea of basic accommodations is far from appealing, their contrasting personalities promise an intriguing gameplay strategy. Amirah is embracing motherhood and a relationship, while Saffron remains single, both yearning for a taste of opulence. Despite their lifelong friendship, they’re curious and slightly apprehensive about facing a holiday together for the first time.


Lewis (22) and Gio (23)

Lewis and Gio on Loaded in Paradise series two

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A chance encounter over a compliment on Lewis’s attire led to an instant connection between him and Gio, marking the beginning of their friendship. Their shared interests quickly took them on a party holiday to Kavos. Lewis, a domestic roofer, and Gio, who runs a commercial roofing business, share a vision of success and luxury.

As competitive as they are ambitious, they’re not afraid to stir the pot to clinch victory. Their journey is fueled by dreams of affluence, eagerly anticipating the luxury that winning could bring.



Loaded in Paradise 2 airs on ITV2 and ITVX weeknights at 9PM.

The first series is available to watch online now via ITVX here.

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