Little Darlings: Lemar and Jamelia to star in new Sky comedy drama series

Lemar and Jamelia will star in new Sky comedy drama series Little Darlings.

Adapted from the bestselling children’s book of the same name by renowned author Dame Jacqueline Wilson, Little Darlings will feature original music from Lemar.

A modern-day fairy-tale that has music at its very core, Little Darlings is a story that unlocks the comic and emotional fallout when two very different families are thrown together.

A synopsis reveals: “Little Darlings is a four-part mini-series about 11-year-old Destiny who longs to meet her dad… it just so happens that he is rock star Danny Kilman (Lemar) and doesn’t even know she exists!

“Home for Kate (Jamelia) and Destiny is a flat in Birmingham – light years away from the luxurious Kilman mansion – but Destiny is delighted when her mum agrees it’s time to meet her dad.

“Everything changes when the two families meet in the middle of the night: sparks fly between Kate and Danny and Destiny finds a soul mate in her new sister, Sunset. Through their instant connection and mutual passion for music, the two sisters see each other in a way no one else can, bringing out each other’s hidden talent to shine for all the world to see.”

Alongside Lemar and Jamelia, Janae Vito plays Destiny and Diaana Babnicova plays Sunset. They are supported by Kayla Mai Alvares as Sunset’s sassy younger sister, Sweetie, and Cameron Douglas as Ace, her tiger-obsessed brother. The series also stars Rufus Jones as Danny’s agent, with series writer Nathan Bryon playing Kate’s hairdressing business partner.

Little Darlings will be released on 11 February 2022 on Sky Kids and streaming service NOW.

Lemar said: “I’m so excited to be a part of Little Darlings. Sky Kids and the team at Kindle have been amazing and getting to work alongside great crew, cast members, and friends has been a real breath of fresh air.

“I love what this show represents… something positive with a bit of humour for the whole family!”

Jamelia added: “The opportunity to work with such brilliant up-and-coming talent, both on and off screen, has been a dream – not to mention reuniting with Lemar to perform again!

“I’m so thrilled to be a part of this funny, vibrant and important show.”

Alongside the mini-series, Sky Kids will also release a partner series on the 11th February called On Tour: Little Darlings filmed by sisters Destiny and Sunset from a luxury tour bus whilst on tour with their dad.

A teaser shares: “Delivered as a vlog, the sisters are excited to share their behind-the-scenes take of life on tour. But being on the road has its ups and downs!

“Sunset and Destiny get to know one another – as well as each other’s most irritating habits – and they also learn lots about themselves and by the end emerge closer than ever.”

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