Latest Great British Bake Off 2017 results outrage viewers

Tonight’s Great British Bake Off 2017 results have prompted an angry response from viewers.


In another brand new theme, this week the contestants had to produce ‘forgotten bakes’.

The remaining five bakers were stepping back in time to face the test of baking with unfamiliar recipes: Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood set three challenges to test the bakers on three very different bakes.

There was a sweet and savoury signature challenge Prue set a boozy technical and for their final challenge, the bakers faced an elaborate sponge showstopper that once graced the dining tables of high society.

At the end of the tasks, Paul and Prue decided to bid farewell to Liam, while Stacey was crowned Star Baker for the first time this series.

The departure of viewer favourite Liam left many GBBO fans raging.

“that’s it, we ride at midnight. burn the tent! Enslave Paul Hollywood! Put Mary Berry on the back of a dragon and let’s do this thing #GBBO,” one reacted.


Another agreed: “#GBBO cannot believe they got rid of Liam ”

A third declared: “Liam leaving Bake Off is wrong. Wrong, I tell ye! #GBBO ”

Many felt it was Kate who should have been given the axe.

“HOW DID KATE SURVIVE OVER LIAM?? THIS IS THE WORST ??#GBBO” a fourth posted online, as another viewer agreed: “Not impressed with #gbbo Kate should have gone home”

“Kate ruined every bake and Liam still managed to go?! #GBBO,” added yet another unhappy fan.


Alas, Paul and Prue’s decision is final…

The Great British Bake Off 2017 continues Tuesday nights at 8PM on Channel 4.