Last Laugh In Vegas: Celebrities to perform ‘gig of a lifetime’ in new series

Last Laugh In Vegas cast: Line up of celebs on ITV series

A celebrity line up of showbiz legends will perform a gig of a life time in Las Vegas in a new ITV series.


Last Laugh In Vegas will follow some of the UK’s legendary performers as they take to the stage Stateside.

Famous names from comedy, music and variety from the 60s, 70s and 80s will given one last shot at putting on their dream gig in the variety capital of the world. The theatre is booked for one night only and eight acts will be given the chance to fulfil the dream they thought had long gone and put on a spectacular variety performance at one of the iconic venues in Las Vegas.

Those confirmed for the show are comedy double act Cannon & Ball, entertainer Bernie Clifton, comedian Mick Miller, pianist and entertainer Bobby Crush, singer Kenny Lynch, 60’s pop idol Jess Conrad OBE, actress and singer Anita Harris and actress, singer and comedienne Su Pollard.

Across five episodes, Last Laugh In Vegas will follow the stars from leaving their homes in the UK to stepping out on stage in Vegas.

They’ll be seen backstage in rehearsals as well as living together and exploring the famous Vegas Strip.

The show will also look back at the legends’ vast and varied careers and they’ll talk first hand about their incredible stories.


The series will conclude with an hour special featuring their variety performance in Vegas.

Tonight, the nine British entertainers have spent over a week rehearsing for their dream gig in the entertainment capital of the world, but with days to go before the big night, a heartbreaking tragedy hits Las Vegas.

Saddened and shocked, the performers question whether the show should go on…

ITV’s Head Of Entertainment Commissioning Siobhan Greene said: “Last Laugh In Vegas is the chance for the audience to reconnect with true iconic entertainers, as they get the trip of a lifetime to perform in the show business capital of the world.


“You won’t believe the names we got, and I am so happy that they, and the audience, will get to see them living their dream.”

Last Laugh In Vegas continues tonight at 9PM on ITV.