Last Chance U season 5 UK release date, college and first look at 2020 series

Last Chance U season 2020 release date, college and trailer

Last Chance U season 5 is on its way to Netflix – here’s all you need to know.


The American documentary series premiered in 2016, following junior college football teams, their players and coaches.

A fifth and final season is now on its way to the streaming service – here’s all you need to know.

Last Chance U season 5 UK Netflix release date

Last Chance U season 5 will be released on Netflix UK on July 28 2020 at 8AM BST.

All episodes will be available to stream immediately via Netflix UK here.

For now, the first four seasons are available to binge watch

Last Chance U 2020 college

Season 5 will take on a brand new setting to give viewers a raw, authentic look at the junior college football program at Laney College in the heart of Oakland, Californ


Netflix say: “After clinching the title of state and national champions in 2018, the Laney Eagles have a hard season to follow and a lot to prove. Going into his eighth season and having built the program from the ground up, powerhouse head coach John Beam must fight to rally the team amidst countless setbacks.

“Season 5 brings intensity both on and off the field as players battle injuries, stress, and personal demons while finding much needed support in the community and taking pride in their scrappy mentality and motto ‘Laney Built.'”

You can watch a first trailer from the new series below…

While it’s the final season of Last Chance U, there’s a new spin-off on its way.

Last Chance U: Basketball will premiere in 2021 with the same format but following college basketball teams.

The first season will document the East Los Angeles Community College basketball team during their 2019-2020 season.


A release date for Last Chance U: Basketball is to be confirmed.

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