Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It (Series 9, Episode 1)


Kirstie and Phil return with a new series of Love It or List, facing the challenge of soaring build costs.

The first episode of series 9 airs on Channel 4 from 8PM on Wednesday, 20 December.

Kirstie utilises her extensive renovation expertise to help couples across the UK resolve their disagreements and fall back in love with their homes. Phil, energised by his recent success, showcases impressive properties to persuade families to consider listing them. In this episode, they visit Chippenham to assist Tim and Sonia.

Eight years ago, they moved into Tim’s childhood house to look after his mother, with Sonia becoming the main caregiver until her passing. Now, Tim and his daughter Ella are keen to List It and move on, seeking a fresh beginning elsewhere. Sonia, however, wishes to Love It, believing the house can start their new chapter with some renovation.

Kirstie faces a tough project, aiming to transform the dated and compartmentalised interior into a vibrant and welcoming space for this sociable family. Concurrently, Phil is on a mission to find an ideal home with the scenic views Tim desires, a perfect setting for their gatherings.

The decision is emotionally charged and challenging for everyone involved. The question remains: will they choose to Love It or List It?

Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It airs Wednesday at 8PM.