Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It (Series 9, Episode 8)

Kirstie and Phil on Love It or List It

The new series of Love It or List It continues. With budgets strained by soaring build prices, Kirstie Allsopp calls on her decades of renovation experience to reunite warring couples across the UK and convince them to love their homes.


Meanwhile, fresh from his previous series victory, Phil Spencer wows us all with some spectacular abodes, in an effort to persuade our families to list their current homes.

This time, Phil catches up with Carol and Andrew from Harrogate, who we first met in 2016 when they were at loggerheads over their beautiful three-bed semi.

Back then, Team Love It Andrew’s feet were ‘set in concrete’ and he was adamant that they couldn’t find a better location for them and their two children.

Carol on the other hand was ready to list. As well as the dated, cramped kitchen, she could see a not-so-distant future where her dad Dennis may need to move into a house that was already bursting at the seams.

With three generations to consider, Kirstie came up with an ingenious plan to create the family kitchen and extra bedroom space they needed, working to a budget of £60,000. Phil on the other hand had £475,000 to convince Andrew to up sticks.

He showed them three beautiful homes in the Yorkshire countryside, one of which stole Carol’s heart, and Andrew’s resolve was seriously tested.

But when the dust settled after an emotional decision chat with Kirstie and Phil, who was buying the drinks? And now, seven years on, Phil finds out if Carol and Andrew stuck to their decision and what they did next


Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It airs on Channel 4 on Wednesday, 7 February 2024 at 8:00PM.

The episode is the eighth from the show’s ninth series.

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