Make Me Famous: BBC show to explore dark side of reality TV

Reggie Yates will explore reality TV suicides in new BBC show Make Me Famous.


Make Me Famous is described as “a gripping and revealing factual drama” which “shines a light on the brutal side of reality TV, exploring the impact it has on participants, including instant fame, toxic masculinity, social media and suicide.”

The BBC say: “Reality TV has never had a higher profile and during the weeks and months these shows grace our screens, the stars of these programmes become constant companions.

“They are a real-life cast of people’s princesses and pantomime villains, serving up daily drama for viewers’ entertainment.

The 60-minute film takes a look at what really happens behind closed doors, coming months after the government launched an enquiry into TV company’s duty of care to potentially ‘vulnerable’ participants,

The BBC adds of the programme: “It reflects on the making and breaking of a reality star and examines what we really know about these people whose fame is borne out of sharing their lives with millions of people every week.

“From how these programmes are produced, to the role of the tabloid media, TV viewers and social media commentators, this coming of age story is a parable for our time and asks: what happens to reality TV stars once the cameras stop rolling?”


Make Me Famous will air on BBC Three.

Reggie Yates said: “Growing up in television I’ve continued to be fascinated by the evolution of reality TV. I’ve often questioned how affecting whirlwind fame can become once the cameras are gone.

“All too often the audience sees the glamour and popularity that comes with being in the public eye, but in this drama we explore the true impact instant fame can have.


“I’m delighted to be partnering with BBC Three for my television writing debut and having a further creative voice as an executive producer.”

You can watch BBC Three online via the BBC iPlayer.

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