Kevin Clifton claims some former Strictly pros didn’t get along with newbies

Kevin Clifton has lifted the lid on his time as a Strictly Come Dancing professional.


Kevin joined the show in 2013 and announced his exit from the series last year.

Now Kevin has shared some insight on his time as a pro dancer, claiming there were some “angsty” moments when he first joined.

He told the The Real Life Sports Show podcast: “In the group numbers on Strictly, I think there’s a real feeling of the end goal is we want to make this show really good.

“If I’m honest, when I first joined there was a couple of them that had sort of been there a few years, that were probably on their last year or two, that… they could be a bit angsty in the room and didn’t like it especially if us younger, the likes of me and Aljaz coming in, you know like if us young whipper-snappers were getting put at the front or something…”

Host Sam Adams suggested: “Egos…”

Kevin continued: “Yeah, a couple of egos in there, but then they left and it sort of quietened down.


“I think now it’s probably the best sort of group, more than ever, where everyone’s just working for the best result they can for the show.

“It’s very much a team.”

Following his Strictly exit, Kevin will be heading out on tour as part of the Rock Of Ages musical.

“I can’t wait for the theatres to open,” Kevin said. “I’m doing a lot more singing and acting now.”

And he also shared: “I’m also writing a TV drama based on my experiences in the competition world of ballroom dancing. The wheels are really starting to turn on that now.”

But don’t rule out a return to Strictly for Kevin.

He told ITV’s Good Morning Britain earlier this year: “Who knows if I’ll go back to Strictly, never say never.


“I think if I’ve learned anything, it’s that you never close the door. You just don’t know how things are going to go.”

He added: “I thought I was going to be on stage all year and then all of a sudden that’s not happening any more.”