Kem Cetinay reveals his biggest Dancing On Ice fear

Kem Cetinay has revealed his big Dancing On Ice fear ahead of the semi-final.

And perhaps surprisingly, it isn’t falling over or injuring himself.

After appearing in the skate-off for the first time last weekend, Love Island’s Kem has confessed his biggest worry is not being liked.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Kem admitted he found last week’s show “tough”.

He said: “I did get quite high marks so I started thinking to myself ‘Have I said something wrong or done something wrong?’ You do over think it.

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“I felt at times would the viewers think I deserved a place, have I earned myself a place on the show? It’s so easy to get caught up, to think you have to be a certain way, be popular and live up to this kind of name…”

Kem explained: “The skate-off was hard, my family came down and it was an emotional thing, and then they all went home and I was kind of in the hotel on my own and a bit gutted and lonely.”

The reality star revealed he got a pep talk from Scarlett Moffatt, who was in the audience.

Kem told the tabloid: “She knew I was quite upset, and I said, ‘I feel like loads of people on Twitter were saying they weren’t as impressed or I should have gone home, or stayed, and she was like, ‘People will have an opinion on everything, you can’t read it’.

“It’s nice to have someone who completely relates to you.”

But he was keen to downplay rumours of a romance between the pair.

“Scarlett is a good friend, she has a boyfriend! We get on really well, she’s beautiful, but there’s nothing there. I’m not sure I want to rush into a relationship,” he insisted.

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Alongside Kem and his pro partner Alex Murphy, Those left on the Dancing On Ice line up are Max Evans and his pro skater Ale Izquierdo and Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent and her pro partner Matej Silecky.

Also back on the ice this weekend will be X Factor’s Jake Quickenden and skater Vanessa Bauer.

Dancing On Ice airs at 6PM Sunday night on ITV.