Keeping Up With The Aristocrats goes through the keyhole at England’s stately homes

Keeping Up With The Aristocrats is the new addictive fly-on-the-wall series from ITV.

The three-part reality series makes Made In Chelsea feel down to earth as it follows four of Britain’s most prominent aristocratic dynasties. They give cameras exclusive access to reveal what really goes on behind their closed doors, over one summer’s social season.

Asset-rich, but often cash strapped, this posh bunch are mischievously self-deprecating and jolly. This fun and intriguing series lifts the lid on the lives of absolutely fabulous Lords, Ladies, and even the odd Princess, as they try to earn a crust.

In the opening episode, Lord Ivar Mountbatten and husband James gamble their reputation, and that of Michelin-starred chef Jean-Christophe Novelli, by hosting their first ever pop-up restaurant at their stately home of Bridwell. But with tickets costing a whopping £165 per head, can the Mountbattens sate the appetite of 50 fine diners?

Guests include Lord Ivar’s cousin, Princess Olga Romanoff, who, currently single, is hunting down her idea type of man – ‘a trained killer’ no less…

Meanwhile, Lord and Lady Fitzalan-Howard are hoping to help fund the exorbitant running costs of their 126-room home, the imposing Carlton Towers, by turning part of their 3,000-acre estate into a vineyard.

And having bottled their very first bottle of sparkling wine, they seek advice from their friends, Alexandra Sitwell and husband Rick, who already own one the UK’s most successful vineyards at the stunning Renishaw Hall. Will the Fitzalan-Howards wine prove to be vintage, or just another sad bottle of plonk?

Keeping Up With The Aristocrats starts on Monday, 17 January at 9PM on ITV and ITV Hub.

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