Karen Hauer working Chris Ramsey hard in Strictly Come Dancing training

Here’s a first look at Chris Ramsey in training for Strictly Come Dancing.


Comedian Chris is dancing with Karen Hauer on this year’s show.

The pair will be dancing a Cha Cha Cha for their first dance, and Karen is keen to whip Chris into shape.

“I am being a drill sergeant. He’s handling it really well I think,” she says in this first clip.

Karen adds: “He’s probably going to cry at home tonight.”

Chris meanwhile tells the camera: “There’s moments when I’m enjoying it, there’s moments when I’m scared, there’s moments when I wonder what it even is that we’re doing.”

Speaking ahead of the first live show, the stand up said signing up for the series was a “no brainer” for him.

He explained: “It’s like when I got into stand up; the moment somebody told me that there were places that exist where you can tell jokes, I was like ‘what?! I want to do that!’

“When my manager told me they’d asked if I wanted to Strictly, I said ‘oh my god yes!’ I’d never considered that I could do something like this before.

“Then I went in for my practice dance and I wanted it more than ever. I loved the dance. I’d never danced before and I really enjoyed it.

“I’ve been properly swept into it and I’m really looking forward to the whole journey.”

Other celebs taking part in Strictly this year include TV legend Anneka Rice, soap star Catherine Tyldesley, footballer and sports pundit Alex Scott, radio host Dev Griffin and Olympic winning rower James Cracknell.

They’re joined by vlogger Saffron Barker as well as actor Kelvin Fletcher who takes over from an injured Jamie Laing.


Strictly Come Dancing 2019 will return to TV on September 21 with the first live show.

As always, no celebs will be eliminated the first week but the judges will mark the routines and the scores will carry over to week 2.