Josie Gibson to take on her toughest challenges yet in new This Morning series

Josie Gibson is to face her toughest challenges yet in a brand new series for This Morning.


The show’s regular roving reporter has become the show’s resident adrenaline junkie and no one is more surprised than her.

In recent shows, Josie bravely took a ride on a terrifying theme park roller coaster, whizzed around on high-rise ziplines, got close to dangerous animals and even climbed five mountains in five days.

Now she’ll be facing even more challenges in new This Morning series Josie’s Extreme Adventures.

Filmed across the UK, the four-part series will air on This Morning on ITV from 12 October and will see Josie try out a skydive, a canyoneering exploration, a mountain side assault course and fight rapids during a white water rafting experience.

josie challenge

“I have to say, going on roller coasters in the past for This Morning is like having a cup of tea compared to this!” said Josie. “At first they told me it was just called ‘Josie’s Adventures’ and then when I went to the first day of filming, they told me the word ‘extreme’ had been added. It seemed too crazy for me, but I’ve said I’ll do it now, so there’s no turning back.


“I’ve said I’d never do some of these things in a million years, but somehow the This Morning team have managed to get me here doing them. I was hanging off a cliff edge the other week!”

She continued: “So far I’ve done via ferrata (a protected climbing route) and I didn’t even realise what it was – I’d never heard of it in my life! I’ve certainly not done that before and it’s not something I’d want to do again if I’m honest.

“I actually don’t know what half of these challenges are until I get on set. And I have a feeling they don’t tell me what they are until the last moment in case I say, ‘No!’

“I have always said I’d never jump out of a plane, and I’m still not sure I will be able to do that one. Although to film this series, the crew are having to do the challenges too and I think they are just as scared as I am. But we are all like family and we feel safer together.”

Meanwhile Josie, who rose to fame on Big Brother, reflected on her time with This Morning since 2019.

She said: “It’s just been lovely and it’s lovely to feel part of the team. It really feels like I’m part of the family now. I’ve even got my photo on the main corridors on the show too – I feel like I’ve made it – it was the best feeling!

josie gibson this morning

“Years ago I remember walking down that corridor thinking, ‘One day I’m gonna be up there’ and now I am and it’s fabulous! I feel so honoured.


“Doing This Morning has always been a dream for me and the show does win so many awards because it is so brilliant. It’s so random and spicy and I’m just so happy to be a part of it.”

Josie’s Extreme Adventure will air on This Morning from 12 October at 10AM on ITV and ITV Hub

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