Jordan Davies returns to Ibiza Weekender despite getting SACKED last season

Jordan Davies will return to Ibiza Weekender despite getting the sack in the last series.


Jordan was kicked off the ITV2 show in the previous season.

Following a season where Jordan’s past repeatedly haunted him and caused a lot of drama, along with his behaviour and professionalism slipping, head rep David decided enough was enough and in a shock move fired him.

Speaking after his exit at the time, Jordan defended himself and suggested he would be back.

He told The Sun newspaper: “I think they will take me back. After seeing the response they’d be silly not to. I think they’re going to realise they made a big mistake. So let’s just hope nobody watches this Sunday.”

Jordan continued: “I did think it was the wrong decision to get rid of me because I’ve been the longest serving cast member on there. And I’m one of the best on there. So getting rid of me was the wrong choice. I’m like Ken Barlow. I would love to go back. So it all depends on if they’ll have me back.”

It seems Jordan was right, as it’s been claimed he will indeed return for the next season.

He’ll be seen on both the new spin-off show, Weekender: Boat Party and the original Ibiza Weekender.

Jordan told The Sun: “David gave me the call and went, ‘Look I want you back’. He obviously gave me a massive apology saying he made a big mistake.


“My main aim was to not fall in love this time round because you know me I’d fall in love with a wall if it talked to me. So my main aim and promise to David was don’t fall in love.

Ibiza Weekender airs on ITV2.