Join Bobby Brazier as he takes his first steps onto the Strictly dancefloor

As he gears up for his first performance, Bobby Brazier has spilled all on his Strictly Come Dancing journey so far.

In this interview, Bobby shares his enthusiasm for dance, his expectations and a glimpse of what’s to come on the dancefloor.

For EastEnders actor Bobby, the decision to join Strictly was an easy one, regardless of the year.

Bobby Brazier & Dianne Buswell pose together for a group photo
Bobby Brazier & Dianne Buswell. Credit: BBC/Ray Burniston

He reveals: “I was always going to say yes, whether it was this year, last year, the next year because I love dancing.” The opportunity to dance with a professional and learn a variety of dance styles every week is what excites him the most.

Anticipating the challenges ahead, Bobby acknowledges the physical demands of the show. He expects the experience to be tiring and draining but is determined to remain grateful and focused.

Bobby is fully prepared to embrace the ‘Strictly-fied’ experience. He views the show as one big performance, where dancing in costumes that match the energy of the song and dance will only enhance the fun.

Having never watched Strictly before, Bobby is entering the competition with fresh eyes and an open mind, ready to create his own memorable moments.

When it comes to previous dance experience, Bobby admits he’s not a trained dancer but loves to dance whenever the opportunity arises, whether at parties or in the comfort of his home.

As for preparation, Bobby humorously confesses to doing absolutely nothing. He acknowledges the incredible fitness of the professional dancers and jokingly mentions that he might start stretching a bit. His whole life, he says, has been a preparation because he’s always loved to dance.

Drawing advice from past contestants, Bobby reveals that James Bye suggest to eat a lot.

Bobby Brazier, dressed in tan suit, stands in front of a glittering purple background
Strictly Come Dancing 2023: Bobby Brazier Credit: BBC/Ray Burmiston

When asked about his biggest competition, Bobby humorously points to Eddie, noting that his hips don’t lie. He praises Eddie’s dancing skills and sweet personality.

As for the coveted Glitterball trophy, Bobby naturally has his eye on it, as he always strives to do his best.

In terms of signature dance moves, Bobby mentions the caterpillar. “It’s the worm backwards… so that’s a good’un,” he explains, “I just had to move my hips and my shoulders and you know, feel the rhythm.

Strictly Come Dancing begins on Saturday, 23 September at 6:15PM on BBC One.