Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back in new Channel 4 TV show

Joe Lycett has secured his own Channel 4 TV series Got Your Back.

After a successful pilot episode, the new six-part series begins tonight – Friday, April 5 – on Channel 4 at 8:30PM.

It will follow comedian Joe Lycett as he turns his well-honed skills of complaining to dish out a hilarious dose of consumer justice on behalf of the people of the UK.

Known for his epic escalating battles with officials as he lodges complaints and talks his way out of almost anything, including his now infamous parking fine, Joe Lycett is turning his hand to helping out the great British public with all their genuine consumer complaints.

From scams and poor customer service to shocking practices and unacceptable consumer standards the series will cover a range of consumer gripes, feature stories relating to consumer issues and go undercover in Joe‘s quest for consumer justice. The approach may be humorous but the results could be life changing.

Joe explained: “I would describe it as Watchdog with jokes, or Sexy Watchdog, as I think we refer to it at one point during the show.

“It takes all of the normal tropes of a consumer show, and just tries to make them funny. But not in a parody way, we’re not trying to undermine the format.”

He continued: “They’re not getting Anne Robinson, although there are lot of comparisons to draw between me and her. They’re getting me. Often it’s people who have tried loads of other routes – they’ve tried the official routes, they’ve tried going to ombudsmen and things that are available to them, and they’ve got nowhere and no-one’s listening to them.

“So they’ve come to us, and I’m happy to be that last resort.”

Channel 4’s Factual Entertainment commissioning editor Sarah Lazenby said: “Joe Lycett is a rare talent, who manages to publically lampoon everyone from parking wardens to Donald Trump with wit, warmth and utter charm.

“His infamous tirades against petty injustices are totally on point and we’re delighted that following a hugely successful pilot we are commissioning a series of his uniquely authored consumer show for Channel 4”

Emily Hudd, Joint Managing Director of programme makers Rumpus Media added: “Joe has a rare gift in that he manages to make complaining funny, charming and ultimately effective. He’s outraged by injustice and has an indefatigable appetite for fighting the good fight on behalf of the British public until he gets genuine results.

“We can’t wait for him to channel that mischievous tenacity into this series which we’re delighted to be making for Channel 4.”

Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back airs at 8:30PM on Channel 4, Friday, April 5.

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