Joanne Clifton would love to guest judge Strictly Come Dancing if Bruno Tonioli steps down

Joanne Clifton has said she’d love to guest judge Strictly Come Dancing.


Due to travel restrictions amid the ongoing pandemic Bruno Tonioli may be forced to step down from the show this year.

And if Strictly are in need for a new judge for 2020, former professional Joanne has put herself forward.

Appearing on FUBAR Radio last night (August 6), Joanne said she “would love” to take Bruno’s seat.

Speaking to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on Access All Areas, Joanne said: “I would love that.

“I would’ve loved it more last year because if my brother was still in it I would absolutely love to judge him! And just be like, ‘your celebrity is wonderful but you need work!’ I’d love to be higher up than him. It’d be brilliant.”

Joanne went on to speak about rumours that Strictly could see its first same-sex pairing this year.


She said: “It’s a great idea. Why not! I think it’s wonderful if they do! Graziano and Johannes got backlash from their dance last year and I was like, ‘are you kidding me? It’s absolutely beautiful!’

“And also you’ve got like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly always used to dance together. What’s the problem? I think It’s absolutely time and it’ll be great.

“If it does happen I’m really looking forward to it.”

Meanwhile, Joanne revealed plans for her and her famous dancer brother Kevin to appear alongside each other in a musical theatre production.

When quizzed on whether fans could expect to see the famous siblings together in a musical theatre show soon, the dancer teased: “We have been in talks about that already… Absolutely!


“There are musicals, Fred Astaire with his sister, stuff like that. Yeah, I think so. I can’t say much but yes!”

Strictly Come Dancing will air on BBC One later this year.