Joanna’s dilemma and Craig David’s epic performance shake up Love Island

Callum and Joanna
Callum and Joanna

Joanna questions her relationship with Chris and considers a connection with Callum, amidst the excitement of an epic VIP performance by Craig David in the Love Island villa.

In an unfolding drama that’s gripping the villa, Joanna finds herself at a crossroads with Chris after a stirring recoupling ceremony.

Seizing a moment for reflection, Joanna confides in Arabella on the terrace, voicing her uncertainties about Chris’s larger-than-life persona and the true intentions behind his theatrical speech.

“I just feel like I don’t know what to think about me and Chris…he’s got such a big jokey personality but sometimes I’m like, what’s the real you?

“And the speech…as much as he thought through the speech it was sarcastic and a showman personality…” Joanna shares.


Arabella replies: “If his energy is already grating on you now, imagine it a year down the line. This should be honeymoon amazing…”

Her words leave Joanna contemplating a significant ‘plot twist’ with Callum, whom she describes as “so nice. So genuine and so lovely…”

Acting on her impulses, Joanna initiates a candid chat with Callum the next day.

“I’ll be honest, I’m going to expose my game. Just wanted to pull you for a chat…” she reveals.

As the two get along, Georgia S and Chris spot them from the other side of the Villa…

Later and the villa is electrified with the announcement of a VIP performance by none other than Craig David.


Anton excitedly shares the news, setting the stage for a night of glamour, “Islanders, It’s time to get glam because tonight the villa will host a VIP performance from an International Superstar. #Rewind #FillMeIn”.

The villa erupts in excitement, especially Anton, who can hardly contain his joy, chanting, “Craig David, Craig David, Craig David!”

With an epic performance that will go down in Love Island history, the singer-songwriter puts on quite the show for the Islanders.

Love Island All Stars continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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