Jeremy Clarkson tells Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? loser they WON in huge gaffe

New presenter assumed wrong answer was correct - as contestant lost £15,000

Jeremy Clarkson ended his first series presenting Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? with a HUGE blunder tonight – telling a losing contestant that they’d WON.


The final episode of the ITV gameshow’s 20th anniversary week aired tonight, beginning with Alan Horsburgh in the hot seat.

Unfortunately, he squandered the new Ask The Host lifeline, which enables players to seek help from new frontman Jeremy.

For his £4,000 question, concerning velocity and acceleration, he Asked The Audience – even though he could have taken advantage of Jeremy’s motoring expertise.

“For some extraordinary reason, Alan has decided that I’m not the man to answer this”, the Grand Tour frontman joked.

Alan reached the £16,000 question, which was: “In the classic French dessert ‘floating island’, what is served on top of a vanilla custard sauce?”

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - Jeremy Clarkson blunder


It was then that the business developer decided to Ask The Host – but Jeremy didn’t have a clue.

“You don’t get a figure like this from eating puddings,” he smirked. “I am really sorry about this, I’ve never even heard of floating island.”

Alan also used his 50:50 before eventually submitting the correct answer, ‘Meringue’.

Frustratingly, Jeremy then claimed he could have helped with the £32,000 teaser: “What type of wild animal is an ibex?”

“Can I really annoy you now? I know the answer to this,” he asserted.

However, he actually didn’t know the answer at all.

After using the last remaining lifeline, Phone-A-Friend, Alan gave ‘Deer’ as his final answer.


Before producers had revealed the result, Jeremy exclaimed: “I’m not even gonna look at the screen. That’s the correct answer!”

It turned out that he’d jumped the gun, as ‘Goat’ subsequently lit up in green, revealing it as the real correct answer.

“It isn’t! What?! It is a deer!” Jeremy gasped in astonishment. “I’ve seen them in Africa, boinging along like deers! Oh no, you’ve just lost £15,000!

“If you had asked me, I would genuinely have cost you £15,000. Thank God you asked me about the pudding!”

As Alan failed to reach his second safety net, he left with a £1,000 backup prize – becoming the ninth person to do so this week.

Afterwards, contestant Paul MacAulay tried to set his safety net at £125,000, but was unsure about the question and walked away with £64,000.

Following a four-year break, ITV bosses resurrected Millionaire for a special event to mark 20 years since it hit our screens.

The revival aired every night over the past week, and has proven a ratings hit, averaging 4million viewers.


The biggest prize won was £125,000, by Gareth Kendall, while over £300,000 was given away in total.

It is currently unclear whether ITV will bring Millionaire back for further series.