Jennifer Hudson has been throwing her shoes at The Voice UK contestants

Jennifer Hudson has revealed why she’s been throwing her shoes at acts on The Voice UK.


Jennifer is back as a coach for The Voice 2019 and has a bizarre new way of showing her appreciation.

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s opening episode, Jennifer revealed: “I’ve thrown quite a few shoes! It’s just I really don’t know how to define it…it’s a compliment though!”

She explained: “It means you are singing SO well I’m gonna throw my shoe at you! Y’know? And it’s the highest compliment is all I can say. I kinda wanna hit ‘em but as they’re so far away the next best thing is I’m gonna grab my shoe and let them know!”

Meanwhile, teasing some of the blind auditions set to hit our screens in the coming weeks, Jennifer continued: “I think there have been some really good song choices this year. I love hearing Have A Little Faith In Me, I love hearing Hallelujah. We’re music lovers too. Don’t forget the coaches are music lovers.

“We are fans of other artists so sometimes you want to hear those songs…sometimes it can be a disservice too. Certain sounds like Adele’s sound or Whitney’s sound – you’re like, okay not everyone can sing that. It can work against people at times but then again it can be in their favour. So it’s tricky.”

And Jennifer was confident in the set of acts she’s secured for her team in the battle rounds.

“I love my team. The difficulty for me is my goal is always I want to create the most bulletproof best team possible. And then I realise the next phase comes and half of them have got to go and it’s like the best up against the best,” she said.


Jennifer added: “As a coach you’re like what am I going to do. And then I think – hold on this is about The Voice and what if both get up there and do exceptionally well. Why can’t I keep them all?! It’s like they did what they’re supposed to do.”

The Voice UK 2019 begins Saturday, January 5 at 8PM.