Janice Dickinson speaks out after leaving I’m A Celebrity… South Africa

Janice Dickinson has spoken out after her unplanned exit from I’m A Celebrity… South Africa.


In tonight’s episode of the show, the camp mates were informed that Janice tripped over in camp as she walked to the long drop during the night.

Janice was seen by the medical team on site and as a precaution, taken to the local hospital for further tests. Producers decided it was best for Janice not to return to camp but instead to rest up.

I’m A Celebrity… South Africa on ITV1 and ITVX. Pictured: Janice Dickinson.
I’m A Celebrity… South Africa on ITV1 and ITVX. Pictured: Janice Dickinson. ©ITV Plc

In Monday’s show, Helen read a heartfelt message from Janice to her camp mates / ‘new BFF’s’.

Speaking after leaving about her time in camp, Janice said: “I could have been the one to be second runner up or even win this series because I was just so steadfast and physiological with it. I was just waiting and biding my time with it all. I did my fair share in standing up, falling down. Getting my face in the dirt. I felt like they could have possibly cleaned my wounds and set me back on my path in there.

“But Production made the right decision in the end to not send me back in. I’m just sad it ended that way. I think I could have gone back in and gone on further.”

She continued: “My experience in camp on the complete whole was transformation. I feel that some epiphany came over me after I ate that food trial.


“That I was able to do it for other people instead of doing it for myself. I wasn’t doing it for the sake of ‘Janice is winning a trial’, it really was to put food on the table for the other camp mates. That’s why I was finally able to see the glory of these trials.”

She added: “Every single person in the [South African] camp is completely, 100% authentic and real in all capacity. There’s no dodging about behind your back. What you see is what you get. When people look at me, they look at me with genuine affection.”

Discussing facing a horrible eating trial, she shared: “It was the most vile, disgusting, horrific, I repeat horrific, thing. Having to chew on fish eyeballs and lamb testicles. Having to shove a lamb testicle into my mouth and chew it, which took about five minutes, and then having to swallow it. It tasted awful. It was god awful. Every bite, I knew I was going to have to swallow it.

janice and jordan face the eating trial

“It was disgusting. It was really difficult, trust me. I’m a very light and clean eater in LA. I eat steamed vegetables and salads and fruit. I have fish a couple of times a week. Maybe a couple of lamb chops. This food was different to my intestines. It took me a while to get over it, let’s just say that! It took days to get my system back in order.”


And Janice said of her camp highlight: “One of my most favourite memories from this series was watching Fatima. I had a very big soft spot for her. She’s an Olympian twice the world over. She just took the time to prepare the rice and beans and rinse them the way they’re supposed to be rinsed. And that to me, the way she was giving of herself, is what I’ve taken away from camp.”

I’m A Celebrity…South Africa continues Monday at 9pm on ITV1, catch up on the full series on ITVX.

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