Jamie Oliver recipes from Jamie’s Christmas Shortcuts TV show (Channel 4)

Here are the recipes featured in Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Shortcuts TV show on Channel 4.

Jamie Oliver brings a fresh approach to Christmas cooking, focusing on affordability and ease without sacrificing the festive spirit.

He emphasises simple, quick recipes with a holiday flair, offering clever tips to save both money and time. This approach ensures a delightful festive feast while allowing us to cherish moments with loved ones during this special season.

In the series’ opening episode, Jamie reveals essential recipes for a memorable Christmas Day feast. He provides a foolproof method for the perfect roast turkey and introduces a stunning vegetarian centrepiece that rivals the traditional bird.

Jamie doesn’t overlook the sides either, presenting a versatile stuffing recipe suitable for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. Additionally, he shares efficient techniques for crispy roast potatoes and colorful vegetables, enhancing the festive flavours while conserving time and oven space.

Jamie Oliver recipes from Jamie’s Christmas Shortcuts

The second episode celebrates the cosy post-Christmas period, known as Betwixmas, with Jamie transforming holiday leftovers into tantalizing new dishes. He guides viewers through creating a range of recipes, from a vegetable tarte Tatin and a Brussels sprout Caesar salad to winter veg gnocchi.

He also demonstrates a creative twist on the traditional panettone, turning it into a Black Forest gateau trifle. Jamie’s recipes offer delightful culinary experiences from Christmas through the New Year, perfect for impromptu gatherings or cosy family times indoors.

Jamie’s Christmas Shortcuts airs on Channel 4 on Monday nights at 8PM.