Jamie Laing taking a ‘step back’ from Made In Chelsea after joining Strictly

Jamie Laing has confirmed he’s stepping back from Made In Chelsea.


Jamie has been a regular on the E4 series for a decade now but will be taking some time out after signing up for Strictly Come Dancing.

After injury ruled him out of last year’s show, Jamie is one of the twelve celebs on this year’s Strictly.

He told the Sunday Times Style magazine that although he wasn’t quitting Made In Chelsea for good, he would be “taking a step back”.

“I am incredibly loyal towards [production company] Monkey Kingdom and Channel 4; a lot of people talk badly about reality shows and say they were shown in a bad light,” Jamie said. “Well, I was shown in a bad light, I was shown in a good light.

“I went on the most amazing holidays – I got paid to hang out with my friends.

“And I was on TV for 10 years; I’d never say: ‘Hey, that’s me done’, but yes I am definitely taking a step back.”


On signing up for Strictly earlier this year, Jamie told the BBC: “For me it’s one of the shows that we all grew up with. Honestly, it makes my mum proud that I’m doing it and I’ve never made her proud before so that is literally one of the big reasons!

“I came out of it last year and obviously like most people I hate failing at stuff and it definitely felt like I failed last year so this is the time to really go for it.”

And he has been getting some tips from past contestants.

“A friend of mine Pixie (Lott) gave me some advice. All the guys from last year too,” Jamie said.

He revealed: “Chris Ramsey said, ‘Jamie if you think it’s hard, trust me. You have no idea how hard it’s going to be.’ Everyone loved it, they said to have the best time and just really go for it.”


Made In Chelsea currently airs on Monday nights on E4.

Strictly Come Dancing 2020 continues Saturday and Sunday on BBC One.