What happened next for Britain’s Got Talent winner Jai McDowall

Jai McDowall on Britain's Got Talent

A former winner of Britain’s Got Talent has spoken about the impact the show had on his life.


Jai McDowall, the singer who clinched the title in the fifth series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2011 along with a £100k prize, has opened up about the financial and emotional challenges he faced following his early success.

Despite the initial euphoria of winning and a performance at the Royal Variety Performance, Jai’s journey took a downward spiral when his debut album experienced poor sales, leading to his departure from his music label.

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In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Jai shared candid details of how he navigated the tumultuous period that followed his rapid ascent to fame.

“It came to a point where, on paper, you’re asset rich. But I was cash poor. That was pretty much me. I moved in with my parents at the time. I did have property but I had no money,” he recounted.

This financial strain nearly pushed him to bankruptcy, a decision he avoided thanks to a strong support network.


Reflecting on his lifestyle choices post-victory, Jai mentioned that despite his efforts to maintain a professional focus, including early nights to protect his voice, the stability didn’t last.

“My experience of BGT was great. Afterwards, for the first year, obviously you get all the work and all the good things. And that’s when it starts to go south,” Jai noted.

He added: “I went from a normal guy who wasn’t in the industry, to then being on the telly.

“It created such a tumultuous time for me that I didn’t deal with it very well.”

Now a member of the operatic quartet G4, Jai is back in the limelight.


The group recently released their new album, 20, and are currently touring across the UK, showcasing Jai’s return to form and continued passion for music.

The new series of Britain’s Got Talent continues weekends on ITV1.