ITVX announce new police comedy Piglets


ITV has greenlit a fresh and humorous take on police training with its latest commission Piglets.

The new six-episode comedy series is produced by Monicker Pictures.

Set against the backdrop of the government’s ambitious initiative to recruit 20,000 new police officers rapidly, Piglets delves into the intriguing world of a fictional police training college. The narrative centres around six eclectic would-be cops and a group of key staff members tasked with the challenging job of shaping them into competent officers.

As casting continues, Piglets promises to be a platform for showcasing both emerging young comedic talents and established stars among the senior college staff.

Piglets is written by Victoria Pile, Robert Harley, James Henry, Oriane Messina and Fay Rusling – the team responsible for Green Wing and Campus (Channel 4) – and Omar Khan, participant in the ITV Comedy Writers Initiative and recent winner of an International Emmy (the Sir Peter Ustinov Award for writers under 30).

To complement the strong diversity within the cast, the team has also worked closely with four new writers who are a product of ITV’s Comedy Writers Initiative, which aims to promote new writers currently under-represented in comedy.

Production for Piglets is scheduled to begin in early January 2024, with a release on ITVX in the summer of 2024.

ITV’s Head of Comedy, Nana Hughes said: “Piglets was a script that had me laughing from the first page through to the last page. I am very excited to be working with Robert Harley and Sam Leifer along with the Queens of comedy – Victoria Pile and Caroline Leddy.”

Victoria Pile added: “So delighted to be part of ITVX’s strong commitment to comedy, and grateful for Nana Hughes’ terrific support and enthusiasm for Piglets, not least in helping us secure such a diverse range of talent”

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